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Deepak DE Hour Meter Chennai

2 Lock 1 Key Interlock, D.B. & D.S Type Interlock.Key exchange boxes are required where simple 2 loc & 3 lock systems are not sufficient. Numerous complicated combinations are possible with Key Exchange Boxes. The housing is of Aluminium or sheet metal. These are fixed on the panel sides or on the walls.

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This is a simple key exchange box with two types 'DS' locks mounted in an aluminium enclosure. The two locks are interlocked to each other with cams inside, so that only one key can be removed at one time.

This can be mounted directly on to a circuit breaker to work in co-ordination with HT cubicle access door or Air Break switch etc. This box eliminates the necessity of a separate key exchange box.

This is a key exchange box with a number of locks fixed on the front panel and one lock (refered to as the MASTER LOCK) fixed on the side. The Master key is trapped when all the other keys are removed and all front keys must be trapped to release the master key. The sheet metal housing can be mounted in the front of the panel or a wall.

This can be used as on exchange between a control switch and a number of cubicle doors or a main breaker and a number of Man holes. All the cubicle doors or Man holes must be closed and their respective keys must be exchanged in the key exchange box to release the master key to operate the control switch or the breaker.